If you want something building, don't just ask a builder...

...ask a builder's customer

Our clients know that our outlook is different, they have had first hand experience of it. At James West the business philosophy is based on providing a single source responsibility for design and build schemes.

James West is all about exploring new ideas, talking them through and sharing opinions.
Co-operation is achieved by good communication, common sense and clear thinking.

Each situation throws up separate challenges. Experience within the construction industry and a clear
understanding of the client's needs, combine to help us tackle problems with consideration. Practical knowledge and sensible planning breeds confidence - they're just a part of our working day.

Once a project is under way circumstances can change quickly, at James West we are open to the possibility that there may be a better way of doing things - in short

Efficient hard work gets things done to the client's satisfaction, and out own high standards and
commitment to providing exactly what our client needs, ensures successful projects are completed time after time.

We believe it is our personal involvement and dedication which sets us apart and gives James West a unique perspective within the industry.


Eric Webb
Managing Director. S Frankenhuise & Sons.

'All my working life had been at the Anchor mill - a disused cotton mill which was inefficient and not really suitable for our storage needs. When the company was sold to an American organisation we needed a new beginning.
James West's involvement showed us that a new 45,000 sq ft warehouse/office unit could replace the 130,000 sq ft mill and still give us room to manoevre and expand - it did'nt seem possible!
The finished project was just what we wanted and the
co-operation between both our companies ensured that the whole building process was a pleasure.'

Alan Shepherd
Managing Director of J. A. Harrissons

'Due to our company's continued growth the factory was getting smaller each year and becoming very congested. The footprint of the site was fully developed and the only way we could see to increase our space was to move.
It was'nt until James West became involved that we realised we had an alternative. We decide to extend the existing building... upwards! Whilst the building work was carried out the factory had to continue functioning, it was essential that we all worked together. Everyone was made to feel part of the project and because James West had the
flexibility to adjust to our needs, we did not suffer at all in production.'

Paul White
Principal Officer. Oldham Economic Development
Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

'James West have been able to bring to the table a total commitment to the design and build process beyond the level normally expected. Their experience and overall approach has added significant value to the development as a whole and at the same time made my role both easier and certainly more enjoyable. Undoubtedly their
commitment to this project has helped make it a sucess.'

Canon Eugene Dolan
Parish Priest at St. Edwards Church, Lees

'As you can appreciate, the building of a new church is a very personal experience for its community. Openness, honesty and trust allowed a close relationship to form between our church and the builders. Together, during the initial months, we visited many different churches and listened to a whole range of ideas - involvement was an essential part of our relationship. We wanted attention to detail, efficiency, expertise and quality, but what we needed above anything else was